Whole life or just 1 percent of the way?

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I love running. You know what it’s good for you, right? Besides stressing the entire skeleton, it’s great for the heart and lungs. Plus it’s a kind of modern meditation. Not only to dive into yourself but also to be in nirvana moving your feet. If, by the way, you can do the second, then you’ll have a good rest. You can pursue different goals — from preparing for competitions to having fun. Particularly gifted people get acquaintances this way. There are many variations.

One way or another, everyone’s goal is different: someone is running to the finish line, someone…

Time changes everything — morals, culture, greatness

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What would I like to say? I want to share my perception of time, in front of which we are not even dust. Time is one of the most powerful factors affecting everything. The cost of services, products, and even relationships. Everything runs into time one way or another. And it is changeable. Treacherous and not permanent. Leaves a child and now he is an adult. And a minute later decades penetrate the same person and his face is strewn with a cobweb of years. Time changes everything — foundations, morals, culture, greatness, everything. …

Reflections of a person free from prejudices

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We’re Like Rain In The Weather Here. This is nothing more than a personal reflection and I don’t want to offend anyone. Please imagine me as a dark-skinned gay with Jewish roots, a Muslim married to a Japanese. If anyone doesn’t understand, I explain in detail. This article is nothing more than reflections of a man free from prejudices. I can’t say for sure, but whether my parents laid down a certain upbringing. Or I grew up in such an environment and with such a message, but as it is. I am not religious, free from any phobias, I have…

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Apartment or house, office space, or specialized institution — in one way or another requires a special kind of specialist. A specialist that will match both in a functional and stylistic way. A specialist who, by his education, skills, and experience, knows a clear path to the realization of the owner’s wish. An architect, a person capable of making a masterpiece out of a pile of building materials. A unique structure with its character and meaning of the function. A monument, if many years later humanity will recognize this work as significant. …

Tips on how to fit your job and hobbies in your life

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“I don’t have the answer but I have a plan.”

These are the lyrics from the “Beatsteaks” song called — “40 Degrees”. I actually don’t have a full answer on how we should achieve a balance, that everybody seeks, but I do have some plan.

Constant search

I have switched to coding 3 years ago. I took this step out of nowhere one day, not even having a plan. But the plan appeared soon and I followed my dream step by step. But this is another story of me — 15 Tips To Switch Your Career To Coding. Here I want to…

Effective Communication Theory

Personality types regardless of gender, age, and rase.

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Psycho + Physiology

“Psycho” is a “soul” in Latin. “Physiology” is the study of the person’s internal structure. It inspects a person from the inside, from its cell to the reaction.

There are 5 personality types regardless of human gender, age, or rase.

1 Asthenic. Anatomic weak and thin. Has an angular contour and sharp features, narrow chest, and thin neck. Not a leader but driven. Weak and sick in childhood, which affects his/her behavior. Has a lot of negative reactions.

2 Hyperthymic. Overactive. Inclined toward fullness. Lives for communication and information. Is a leader by nature and democratic.

3 Athletoid. Normal physique…

Benefits of world’s biggest lockdown

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Everybody agrees — Coronavirus is a horrible phenomenon. It has changed the world and human life a lot. We are now overestimating our values, trying to adjust to a new reality, and get back on track of our lives. But this story is not about the ‘dark side’ of the quarantine. It is about things that I even didn’t expect to happen to me. It is about how not to get back to our habitual ‘high-speed’ life, but to keep this calm and measured way of living.

From the beginning of this ‘story’ I enjoyed everything that has changed in…

Reusable Banner Component With Angular and AdSense

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In this tutorial, we will use Angular and Google AdSense to implement a reusable advertisement banner for your website.

Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

AdSense Setup

  1. A Google Account. If you’re using Gmail or any other Google service, you already have one. If not, just click to sign up for a new account. It gets you into AdSense and everything Google.
  2. Phone…

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Are you considering becoming a programmer? It doesn’t matter who you are now and what your current job is about. I tried myself as a civil servant, diplomat, and lean production manager before the moment when I realized I wanted to free from office work and everyday meetings to be able to create something valuable and unique by myself.

You shouldn’t be strong at math or algorithms. All you need is to love studying and have enough will, passion, and patience for this. Working as a programmer gives some advantages and the possibility to “relax and take a breath” only…

Yaroslav Solonnikov

I write about life, personal development, programming. Angular Developer at Pronet Gaming, Ciklum. Owner of event service — kudypity.in.ua

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