Whole life or just 1 percent of the way?

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Time changes everything — morals, culture, greatness

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Reflections of a person free from prejudices

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Tips on how to fit your job and hobbies in your life

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“I don’t have the answer but I have a plan.”

Constant search

Effective Communication Theory

Personality types regardless of gender, age, and rase.

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Psycho + Physiology

There are 5 personality types regardless of human gender, age, or rase.

Benefits of world’s biggest lockdown

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From the beginning of this ‘story’ I enjoyed everything that has changed in…

Reusable Banner Component With Angular and AdSense

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AdSense Setup

  1. A Google Account. If you’re using Gmail or any other Google service, you already have one. If not, just click to sign up for a new account. It gets you into AdSense and everything Google.
  2. Phone…

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Yaroslav Solonnikov

I write about life, personal development, programming. Angular Developer at Pronet Gaming, Ciklum. Owner of event service — kudypity.in.ua

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